Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching Up

Oftentimes when we get up in the morning this is what we awaken to...not how it was when we went to sleep. I might add that we have queen size bed, and a dog that is in there somewhere, too.
Beau and Lane
We went with some good friends to their camp (a cabing by the lake in Plain Dealin', LA) for a fun day of fishing, eating and playing. We had a great time and the kids loved spending time outside.
The girls
Beau and his best Louisiana buddy Jack doing what boys do best.
These two beg to play in the rain when it is warm outside and a big storm comes through.

The only UT game we made it to this year. We had so much fun having a whole evening with Michael and Courtney WITHOUT kids! Thanks Aunt Jody and Aunt Ramona for taking on our crews and giving us a much needed break.
Papaw and all of his grandbabies.

Setting up for Lane's 1st birthday party at our soon to be new home.
The AMAZING cake Aunt Ann made for Lane.
What's a 1st birthday party without a smash cake?
Mommy and her birthday girl.
We love Aunt Jody!
Riding the donkeys, Eeyore and Montana.

Family photo.

Abby loses her 1st top front tooth in the car ride on the way home from Tennessee! If you get bored enough in the car...
Beau and Teddy - the class bear from school.
Abby modeling her school uniform dress - she has worn it twice. She always wears the skort or pants.
I looked over one afternoon and Lane had fallen asleep while watching Baby Einstein just like this.
Abby and Lane chllin'.
Our soccer boy
Lane loves her chocolate:)
Abby singing Amazing Grace in chapel.
First Baptist Church School Fall Carnival 2010 - Abby and some of her buddies.
Beau and a couple of his best buddies.
Modeling the loss of the 2nd top tooth.
Abby and her best buddy CeCe playing hair and make-up after school one day.
Napping with Daddy on the chair.
more soccer...

Pumpkin patch activities
Even Mommy had some fun!

Woody and Jesse
Woody, Jesse, Little Bo Peep and her sheep, and, of course, Michael Jackson. Halloween 2010
Action shot

Ariel, the pirate, a haunted house, and a spider
Dallas trip to American Girl
The kids loved playing in the big window seat in the hotel room.
In front of American Girl
Eating in the American Girl Bistro.
Samantha got a much needed bath and hairdo.
Matching Pjs
"I'm stuck!!!"
Bathtime - cheese!!!
The two are T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

Can't wait to get home to Nashville in less than a month!

These updates are for all 2 of you that still look at this blog!